Documentary S’more’s

# 5: Christina Alvarado- Blackfish

  • this documentary is about whales in captivity. it shows how they are going to be extinct and how poorly they are treated. it discusses how smart these animals really are and what they go through living in small spaces.

#4: Travis Johnson- Into the Abyss

  • this documentary is about a triple homicide 16 years ago in texas. one teen is sentenced to death row and the other is a life sentence. it shows how the suspects and their families dealt with the tragedy.

#3: Terrez Brooks- No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson

  • this documentary is about the arrest and conviction of allen iverson when he was in high school. at a bowling alley, two adults were attacked with chairs and iverson and his friends were arrested. this shows how iverson dealt with this and continued his basketball career

#2: Francesca Gallo- Amanda Knox

  • this documentary is about a woman who was convicted for the murder of her room mate in a different country. later, she was found innocent. the documentary goes over evidence and the trials, to make people really question her innocence.

#1: Kyla Brooks- Project Nim

  • this documentary is about a monkey that was raised as a child. it discusses how monkeys act so similar to humans and how much they have in common with a human educationally.


Family Culture

My family is very large. On my mom’s side, she has one brother. He has 10 children (my cousins). Out of those 10 children, 2 of them have kids of their own. That makes 6 2nd cousins. 2 of my 2nd cousins have children, so that’s 3 3rd cousins. But, we are all so close, nobody is really counting. My grandpa is from Czechoslovakia. My grandma is born and raised in Illinois. She was in Chicago her whole life. My grandpa speaks polish and czech fluently. There are so many more to my family. We are all loud, but we’re a good time and we love each other so much.

Senior Presentation

The first presentation, by Danyale White was about child abuse awareness. This topic was very hard to teach other students about, and find an opposing side that argues in favor of child abuse. She discussed how many people every day suffer from child abuse, the negative effects of child abuse, and symptoms of child abuse. It was interesting to hear her opposing argument and all of the facts we never learned about children being abused every single day. There was nothing uninteresting to me. I enjoyed her enthusiasm and energy as she was presenting. She was very loud and clear. It was obvious that she was knowledgeable about her topic. She spoke with passion. But, she seemed to be a little nervous at first at the podium. As she felt the audience’s vibes, she got comfortable and starting moving throughout the stage. I like that she felt comfortable enough to give such an important presentation in front of so many students. I don’t think she should’ve been nervous because she did well on her presentation. Overall, I enjoyed Danyale’s presentation, her topic, her knowledge, and her enthusiasm as she presented. She did very well, and I’m sure she will do well with speeches in college.

Yellowstone National Park, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming

The Yellowstone National Park is located in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. It contains the worlds most geysers. A geyser is a body of water so hot that it is at boiling point. Yellowstone National Park is the Countries first National Park and still remains open today. Throughout the park, wildlife includes: grizzly bears, wolves, and elk, otherwise known as a wapiti. Wyoming contains most of the Park’s land, about 96%. 3% of the land is located in Montana, and the slightest 1% of Yellowstone National Park is located in Idaho. In total, it is about 3,500 square miles wide. The most popular geyser is “Old Faithful”. It is so popular because of the frequent eruptions. It was discovered in 1870, and the Park opened in 1972, signed by Ulysses S. Grant on March 1. In total, it is bigger than 2 states. The image below is the beautiful “Old Faithful”. Today, thousands visit Yellowstone National Park each and every day. 

favorite black couple (black history month)

Image result for obama family my favorite black couple is the Obama’s. Barack was our President for 8 years and was just one of the most amazing human beings to run the country. throughout the years, the Obama’s have presented themselves with respect, class, and integrity. towards the most recent election, the Obama’s had been disrespected. Instead of returning the disrespect, they addressed the issue and solved the problem. They had raised their children to be intelligent, young women. Mr. and Mrs. Obama never acted inappropriately in  public towards anybody. They respected every person they encountered, and the country. Though not too many students are fond of Mrs. Obama, she has changed school lunches and encouraged exercising more than ever due to the increased amount of obese people over the last few years. Mr. Obama has done everything he can in his power to help get families out of debt, and give as many people possible jobs. Throughout the Presidency, there was never one scandal that negatively affected the Obama’s, which is a big deal because plenty of Presidents have had issues. The Obama’s have displayed themselves with nothing but respect and classiness. They have raised their children t0 be the same way. I believe that in this time, the Obama’s are one of the best black couples.

super bowl commercials

this super bowl commercial was first played in 2014. 3 years later, it was replayed. this is one of my favorite commercials because it displays a huge problem that america has currently. it irks people that some do not speak english. in this video, people are singing “America the Beautiful” in different languages. It displays diversity and acceptance. coca – cola made this to show the people that speak different languages that being in america is okay, and some of us accept them. though others don’t they deal with it, and we still love them.

this video was incredible, in my opinion. this displays love and acceptance. with everything that has been going on this year, people all over the country feel hated because of their race, religion, etc. this was made for them to know that they are accepted. i think that everyone should feel loved and welcomed into a country full of opportunity. it is 2017, hate should not be growing, it needs to stop, and positive videos like this enlighten the terrible situation.

this is a brighter, more comedic video. it is about those who are eating unhealthy food and need to use the restroom, but don’t want to miss the superbowl to go, or make it smell not so pretty. people everywhere had parties for the superbowl, and of course, they had to use the bathroom. everyone fears a smelly bathroom when they have company over, so febreze is the best go – to. this was made for people specifically watching the superbowl, and needed some febreze.

Play – Doh Creation

I created a graduation cap. I created this because to me, it symbolizes a huge majority of my future. To start, I am graduating 1 year early. I have worked for almost 2 years in school to graduate and have good grades. After I graduate, I will go to college for at least 8 years ( which is a long time ). Once I graduate, I will start a career in Radiology. I created the cap because not only does it symbolize school, but it symbolizes how I will spend the next 10 years of my life, how I will receive my income to have a home, support myself, and my children. Graduation and school means a lot for me, because I want to be as educated as possible, earning the best income that I can, and doing something that I love. With the money that I earn, I plant to travel, with my significant other, and one day my family. I plan to own a home, that makes everyone comfortable to be in. I plan to buy my children what they need; clothes, shoes, food, etc. This picture of a cap means so much because it will determine how I go on with the rest of my life. It will symbolize hard work and success. This best describes me because I will look back at my caps and gowns (happily) and I will remember what I worked for. I know I will have gotten what I deserved and I will always be proud of my accomplishments. 

Gender Workplace Diversity – ISideWith

The “big question”: Should businesses be required to have women on their board of directors? In my opinion, absolutely yes. In Illinois’ opinion, never. 73% of the Illinois population think that businesses should not required to have women on their board. Even people with a Doctorate’s degree believe that women should not be on the board. It is extremely surprising because anyone who is on that level has the exact same education. This ties in with pay; women get paid less than men for doing the exact same job with the exact same education. Across the whole country, the results show almost the same answer. Nearly 25% of the voters (or less) believe that women should be on a board, while 75% or more voters think that women should not be on a board. I’m really just astounded at the fact that people think this is not an issue. Especially considering the fact that women are supposed to have equal rights. If men and women have the same education, there is not one explanation  as to why women do not deserve the right to be on a board of business. In my opinion, in 2017, business and education is extremely sexist. The fact that it is 2017 and this is still a problem is terrible.

Word Cloud

I chose the words I used because I think they describe me the best. I used the coffee image because not only do I relate to the words, but I really love coffee, too. So, the picture and the words are pretty much describe everything about me and what I enjoy.


Every thanksgiving, my whole family gets together at my house for dinner. We are done with dinner and cleaned up by 5:00. After everything is cleaned, my family goes black friday shopping. We go to several different stores, the mall, and usually Best Buy. We stay out all night, until the sun comes up. On friday evening, my parents, my sister, and I go to Monticello, Indiana. My aunt and uncle have a lake house that we stay at with 7 other of my family members. On saturday, we all get ready and have a thanksgiving dinner. We stay until sunday, make breakfast, clean up, and drive home. When we get home, it is time to put up the christmas tree! My sister and I help my parents get the tree and decorations out and we help decorate. Usually, it takes more than one day, but we do get a lot done. I am very thankful for my family and friends and celebrations and memories.